Everyday Fancy

Vintage Tableware Rental


Let our pieces tell your story

We are a boutique vintage tableware company based in Central New Jersey specializing in one of a kind vintage and custom rentals. Everyday Fancy vintage tableware rentals creates mismatch place settings for tea parties, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, celebration luncheons, photo shoots and of course, weddings! Need the perfect decorative piece for your wedding or exquisite vintage mismatched table and serving wear for your next event? Rent ours!

Who We Are

Everyday Fancy is a boutique family owned business born of a love of all things vintage tabletop. After years of collecting vintage tableware, flatware, goblets, linen napkins and accent pieces it only seemed natural to share our collection with others who shared the same obsession. Beth, founder, stylist and chief bottle washer (and confirmed junk hunter), has a passion for making the ordinary, extra special. Dana and Lauren spent many hours as little girls scouring antique stores, roadside tags sales and thrift shops, developing an eye for "something Mom would love". If Beth is the visionary, then husband Tommy  (also a confirmed junk hunter) is implementation. If you need something built or assembled he is your guy! He is also the muscle behind our deliveries. 

When we aren't helping people make their events unforgettable, we enjoy the beach, fishing, hiking, visiting our happy place (Disney World) and playing with our dogs Sandy and Jake

 Our pieces have have been the pearl of many Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners, bridal and baby showers , intimate weddings and patio tea parties. Now, nothing brings us more happiness than to see our collection be a part of your special day.